How it Works

1. We value your car using our live market data, which incorporates the specification and current desirability in the market place to give you the most detailed valuation.

2. We will present a valuation to you and advise what we could advertise your car for from our showroom along with what we would be able to return you less our SOR fee

3. Collection via trailer will be arranged to suit you at your cost.

Please note that SOR is exclusive to certain cars only. To find out if your vehicle qualifies please send us the details of your car.

You save money

You don’t have to repeatedly clean and advertise your car, or MOT and service it prior to sale, nor do you have to do those odd ‘bits and bobs’ which the buyer has negotiated out of you.

You save time

You don’t have to entertain tyre-kickers, canvassers or time-wasters nor do you have to enter into awkward haggling matches with people you do not know.

You earn more

Using our unique formula, we’re able to tell you what we’re likely to return you before you enter into an agreement with us - and we invariably return a figure that is greater than the cash value of your vehicle