Sale Or Return

T.H. Boler is a company motivated by a lifelong passion and love for cars. Passion is personal, and satisfying your passion for cars is our ambition. Not just any car though, we specialise in european luxury, performance and prestige marques.

We stock more than 150 prestige motor cars and are not tied to any one manufacturer or brand, enabling us to offer completely impartial buying advice. This independent advice also means that you can be assured that we have the freedom to select only the very best quality cars of any marque. We also specialise in a Sale or Return policy enabling customers with unique high end motor cars to maximize their returns by using our state of the art showroom and facilities unmatched nationwide.

Our commission structure is based on:

  • £20,000 - £49,999 = £1,500 + VAT
  • £50,000 - £74,999 = £2,500 + VAT
  • £75,000 - £99,999 = £3,500 + VAT
  • £100,000 - £149,999 = £5,000 + VAT
  • £150,000 + = £7,500 + VAT

We also offer a range of benefits to the end user that a private seller simply can not. These include:

  • FINANCE: 80% of used vehicles are now bought through finance. If you don't offer finance, then you are ruling out 4 in 5 potential buyers!
  • PART EXCHANGE: More than 50% of customers have a part exchange car. If you don't take part exchange, you are asking your buyer to sell their car before they buy yours, which will delay the process. Most likely they will look for somewhere that will take it.
  • WARRANTY: As vehicles move out of their manufacturers warranty, customers often want an extended warranty for peace of mind. We give customers the opportunity to extend our warranty for up to 5 years. Should your vehicle encounter any issues in the next 12 months they'll be knocking on our door, not yours!
  • INSURANCE PRODUCTS: The vehicle only makes up a part of the package a customer expects when they buy a car nowadays. With service plans, MOT packages, GAP Insurance, Smart Insurance, Paint Protection, Trackers & Alloy Protect to name a few, by offering the vehicle alone, with no option to have additional products, the vast majority of your potential buyers will feel they need to go elsewhere to get the total package they had in mind.
  • PEACE OF MIND: For most people their car is the second biggest purchase they will ever make (behind a house), and now more than ever, a car purchase represents a huge amount, often 2 or 3 times somebody's annual income. Parting with that kind of money, it is no wonder that the vast majority or buyers prefer to buy from a reputable dealer.
  • VALUE: We will work with you to pick a price that gets you every penny you can. Charging just 3.5%, and with retail prices typically 14% above private prices, more often than not we can deliver you over 10% more than you would achieve selling privately.
  • SPEED OF SALE: Auto-trader statistics tell us that on average a private seller takes 67 days to sell their vehicle, significantly longer than the 25 day average we operate here at TH BOLER AUTOMOTIVE.
  • SAFETY AND SECURITY: Time wasters, fraudsters, no shows, inconvenient viewing times, days off of work and unrealistic offers. These are just some of the complaints we hear from customers who have tried to sell privately. We can assure you that we will manage the whole process from start to finish and deal with all scenarios along the way.